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Whether you're a homeowner or a tenant, questions are always going to come up about your insurance. We keep a series of articles, checklists and step-by-step guides to help you make sense of it all when it matters most.

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About PC® Home insurance

The government doesn't require you to purchase home insurance, but your mortgage holder probably will - at least enough to cover its share of ownership. For you, it's a good idea as it includes liability coverage for people who are hurt on your property.

Why should I buy tenant's insurance when I live in an apartment and don't have many valuables?

Most people would be surprised at the value of their personal property if they were forced to replace it all. Think about your furniture, clothing and electronic equipment – now try to attach a price tag to all of it. Not to mention any items you've purchased on credit that you still have to pay for.

Tenants insurance also includes liability insurance for damage the tenants or their guests cause to the building, for injuries in the rented home, etc.

Before you call for a quote:

Make sure you have all your current home insurance details.

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What and when do you pay?

You can choose to pay your premium – the price of your insurance coverage – all upfront or monthly. Monthly amount for home policies may include a service fee and tax where applicable. If you're forced to make a claim, you pay a deductible – a pre-agreed amount that you take responsibility for before you receive money from your insurance company. The deductible amount is up to you; but the higher you set it, the lower your premiums will be.

How are premium rates calculated?

consideration include:

  • Location
  • Age and size
  • Type (detached, semi, high rise, etc.)
  • Type of construction (brick, stucco, wood, etc.)
  • Type of heating system

Another factor that could affect your insurance premium is your home or property's proximity to a fire hydrant or fire station – the closer it is, the more likely damage is to be minimized in the event of a fire.